There is a plethora of reasons why contractors hire concrete pumps for their construction projects, regardless if it is a small-scale residential project or a large-scale commercial project. See the top five reasons of renting the high-quality concrete pumps available.


Cut Down On the Site Wastage

Yes, concrete pump hire can help you reduce wastage of material on the job site. It ensures that all concrete batches are transported to the construction site effectively without losing material through wheelbarrows or spillage. Simply put, when you opt for using pumps for any project, you reduce site wastage and in turn you can make the most of your investment.

In addition, the reduction in wastage of material ensures the optimal use of the raw ingredients, making it an eco-friendly choice of all the time. If you are a contractor or a resident who want expert assistance in deciding the exact volume of concrete needed for your project, call in the best local concrete mix supplier company.


Help Transport Concrete to Almost Any Area

While looking around for pump rental, you will come across two types of pumps to choose from - Landline pumps and Boom pumps. Landline pumps are opted when you need to transport concrete across the floor with limited access. To the contrary, boom pumps are opted when you need to transport concrete to a heighted site.

For instant, if the construction work is going on the 11th storey of a building, you will need to use boom pump to transport concrete to the site. Meaning, you will not need to spend extra for the logistics to make your concrete reach at a height. Boom pumps have robotic arms that can transport concrete to any high-storey site.


Reduce the cost of Labour

If you are thinking of using wheelbarrows to transport concrete on the job site, think again. It can cancel out the need of manual delivery of concrete batches from the transportation truck to the specific area of the construction site. With concrete pump rentals, you will not need to spend money hiring cranes, dumper trucks and even buckets. Unquestionably, concrete pumping is more efficient approach of transporting concrete to the right place. It will not create any mess on the job site and save you big on labour fees.